Please visit  or call the shop about specialty stones as our inventory changes frequently and prices vary by quantity and type.  Items listed below are sold by the cubic yard. Please use our Material Calculator to determine how many cubic yards you need for your project. Delivery is available to Columbus and the surrounding areas for your convenience.  Our delivery fee is based on your location.

Call us at 706-322-6140 for current material prices.

General Materials:



Brick Sand

Soils & Fill Dirt

Masters Mix
Screened Top Soil
#1 Brown
Sandy Fill
Fill Dirt


Red Mulch
Brown Mulch
Cypress Chips
Cypress Mulch (Playground Mulch)
Pea & #1
2" River Rock
Oversized Rock
Shot Rock
Crimson Stone in Various Sizes


#4 (3" & 4")
#5 (1" & 2")
#6" - #8"
Appalachian Stone 6"-14" (Creek Rock)
Crush & Run


Pine straw
Wheat straw


Decorative Stone


We offer a wide variety of decorative stone.  If you need something that's not listed, please contact us! We may be able to special order what you need.

One-man Boulders

Two-man Boulders

Appalachian Stone
Large, Medium & Small
Creek Rock


Need Something Else?

If we don't have the item you need listed above, please call us and let us know. We may be able to place a special order for what you need to finish your project!